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Uludag Ski Center

Winter tourism paradise of Uludag, Turkey's most popular winter sports center. Uludag, which contains the most elegant examples of Ottoman architecture, has been the subject of many legends that have attracted people's attention since ancient times. Uludag Ski Center is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to ski tourism. It is also a great option for family vacation. In the center designed considering all the needs of holidaymakers; saunas, fitness centers, swimming pools, bars and shopping facilities are available. We provide VIP economic transfer service both in the city and outside the city, especially the airport. We have a car rental service to Uludağ Ski Center, which is approximately 40 km from Bursa city center. Our luxury vehicles, which you can call from Bursa Airport or from the city center, from any point you desire, also offer suitable car rental service for families and crowded groups. We are at your side with our VIP transfer car rental support to Uludağ.

The favorite of winter holidays: Bursa

Bursa is one of the clearest answers to the question of where winter holidays are held without exception. Especially ski mention of one of the places in Turkey come to mind first. Let's give a few tips about places to visit in Bursa. Bursa Caravanserais, centuries-old mosques, inns, baths, historical villages and streets of Bursa are frequented by many local and foreign tourists. Bursa, which ranked 28th in the World Livable Cities list, is also an indispensable route in many flavors. The answer to the question of what to eat in Bursa; We can give Bursa İskender Kebap, Bursa chestnut sugar, palace dishes. In addition, Bursa pita is "cantik" and it is useful not to return without eating tahini pita. Having breakfast in the atmosphere of Ottoman villages with homemade jams will also be a different experience for you. It can be one of your favorite places in Bursa Çamlı Coffee in Cumalıkızık and Tirilye. There are many alternatives for shopping in Bursa, both in terms of space and product. You can see the famous Bursa towel in many inns, for example. You can visit Bursa Kayhan Bazaar for knife or carpenter products and the shops in Bursa Salt Market for fresh fruits and vegetables. While you are in Bursa, you can also find Bursa's famous towels and silk fabrics in Bursa Grand Bazaar.